The collective builds upon and coordinates extensive prior interdisciplinary collaborations, regional partnerships, large-scale federal investments in cyberinfrastructure, and regional data collection on manoomin and other coastal wetlands. The academic team is comprised of researchers from Northwestern University (NU), University of Minnesota- Twin Cities (UMN), Purdue University, Argonne National Lab (ANL), Georgia Tech (GT), the University of Wisconsin (UW), and the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission. Together we work directly with tribal nations, non-profits, and government agencies to further project goals.

Josiah Hester (GT)
Kānaka Maoli
Associate Professor, Computing
Collective Co-Director

Kimberly Marion Suiseeya (NU)
Associate Professor, PoliSci
Team Lead: Governance
Collective Co-Director

Crystal Ng (UMN)
Associate Professor, EnvEng
Team Lead: Environment

Dr. Pete Beckman, ANL
Co-Director, NAISE
Team Co-Lead: Cyber

Keith A. Cherkauer (Purdue)
Professor, Agriculture
Team Co-Lead: Cyber

Dr. Cheryl Bauer-Armstrong (UW)
Director, Earth Partnership
Team Co-Lead: Community 

Dr. Jennifer Dunn (NU)
Director, CESR

Dr. Jonathan Gilbert (GLIFWC)
Director, Biological Services
Advisory Board, Environmental

Aaron Packman (NU)
Professor, EnvEng
Advisory Board, Environmental

Bill Miller (NU)
Professor Emeritus, ChemBioEng
Advisory Board, Community

Neal Blair (NU)
Professor, Earth and Planetary Sci

Jennie Rogers (NU)
Associate Professor, Computing

Aggelos K. Katsaggelos (NU)
Professor, Computing

Dr. Rajesh Sankaran (ANL)
Experimental Systems Specialist

Dr. John Coleman (GLIFWC)
Environmental Section Leader
Cyber and Environmental

Jeff Feng (NU)

Jeff Feng (NU)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Political Science


Jennifer Michals (NU)

Project Coordinator