STRONG Manoomin Collective

Anishinaabeg minwendamoog noondawindwaa.
The Anishinaabeg, they are happy that they are heard.

The STRONG Manoomin Collective is a tribally driven research effort that aims to strengthen Ojibwe resilience by addressing the erosion of tribal sovereignty. Guided by an Indigenous knowledge framework, our work converges social science and advanced computing, sensing, and data science methods to address critical environmental, ecological, and governance needs identified by collaborating Ojibwe Nations.  The Collective currently includes the following funded projects.

Strengthening Resilience of Ojibwe Nations across Generations (STRONG): Sovereignty, Food, Water, and Cultural (in)Security

Emphasizes research to understand the relationship between data, resilience to climate change, and tribal sovereignty. 

Focused CoPe: Strengthening Resilience of Manoomin, the Sentinel Species of the Great Lakes, with Data-Science Supported Seventh Generation Stewardship

Focuses on building a regional scientific network for studying coastal systems and manoomin in the context of climate change.